Welcome to Baby Gate Hub – a website packed with buyers’ guides, baby proofing advice and reviews of the best baby safety products to help you find the right baby proofing equipment for your home and budget.

We are hardwired to protect our babies from the early days of pregnancy and as mama to two curious boys I learned early (sometimes the hard way) about the importance of a well baby proofed home. The thought of babies roaming free filled me with dread – especially around stairs – so I began poring through baby gate reviews. (Check out the top rated baby gates for the top of the stairs).

About me

I decided to write a guide to the best child safety gates because I felt overwhelmed by information and choice. Which gates could I use at the top of the stairs? Did I need an extra-wide baby gate? Should I choose pressure or hardware mounted? And how on earth do I install this thing?

So, I created a a series of guides and product reviews to help mamas like me. My mama contributors and me have spent hours researching the best baby gates to help you make the right choice, which means that you can spend precious time with your little ones rather than hours glued to your computer! But of course baby safety doesn’t stop at gates, so I’ve also put together baby proofing checklists and guides for each area of the house including the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and fireplace).

If you’re just starting your search check out my ‘Baby Gate Buyer’s Guide’ for an overview of the types of baby gates available. Our ‘how to’ Infographic gives a super quick run down of key considerations to get you started. Otherwise head straight to our baby gate reviews for the best baby gates.

Nicky x
(Mama to Sammy & Jacob)

Best baby gates 2022: Nicky with her young son

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