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Best Extra-Wide Baby Gates


Protecting a ‘standard’ width doorway is one thing, but what if your doorway is particularly wide? Or maybe you need to section off part of a room? There are plenty of options for most widths and budgets. Here are the main considerations and some of the best extra wide baby gates out there.

Buying Extra Wide Baby Gates

Extra wide safety gates come in just about every variation as a standard gate, including swing, mesh, retractable and configurable with either pressure or hardware mounted fixings. All of them have their merit – the choice really comes down to your preference and the size and nature of your space.

It’s worth noting that if you need an extra long gate for the top of the stairs you need to go with a gate that’s specifically designed for staircases (usually hardware mounted, but not always). We’ve included a couple below.

We’ve selected a range of gates that will stand up to even the most determined of toddlers (and pets) – while giving you peace of mind that your baby can explore safely while you get some chores done or simply take a breath!

Evenflo Soft N Wide Gate

This extra wide baby gate is made of mesh and it’s quick and easy to install since it doesn’t have any hardware. It works for openings that are 38 to 57 inches wide and attaches by twisting the rods until you get a snug fit. Once snug, this gate is actually very sturdy and can withstand most toddlers determined to get to mama. Sound familiar?

Set up

The gate is 36 inches tall and it doesn’t have a walk-thru gate, so make sure that you can easily step over the height without any trouble before you decide on this model. The good thing about the height is that you can be confident about keeping children on the right side of it!

Because it’s made of mesh, this gate gives great visibility so you can see what your baby is doing easily. Also, you can take the mesh off and toss it in the wash if it starts looking dirty from those grubby little hands. It’s incredibly easy to pop up when you need it and store it away when you have guests over. Plus it won’t leave marks on your walls or doorways thanks to the rubber stoppers.

We say

This extra wide baby gate is not recommended for stairs but it’s great for just about any other doorway or opening in your house.

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Regalo Extra WideSpan Walk Through Safety Gate

This extra-long baby gate expands to fit openings 29 to 34 inches wide and can even go up to 58 inches wide with the included attachments. It’s 31 inches tall, so it’s another above average height gate which should keep most children easily contained unless they’re advanced climbers.

Set up

It’s easy to setup and install thanks to the pressure mounting system which also makes it simple to move around to other openings if needed. It also has a walk-thru gate with a lever-style handle that has a safety lock on it. The design of this handle makes it easy for adults to come and go but difficult for children to figure out so you won’t have to worry about sneaky toddlers on the loose.

The gate is made of steel so it’s super sturdy and durable. It’s also PVC free so you don’t have to worry if your baby decides to chew on it. Once it’s installed properly, your baby can shake and pull on it and this thing won’t budge thanks to the included wall cups that add extra stability.

However, even with the wall cups, this product isn’t designed for use at the top of stairs because of the bar at the bottom which would be a tripping hazard.

We say

This is really a great gate for pretty much any opening in your house and it’s one that should last you a lifetime.

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Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate Extra Tall

This super wide has it all. It’s wide enough for most spaces standing at 44” to 72” wide and a massive 36″ tall for the most accomplished of climbers (or pets).

Set up

Four extensions are included straight out of the box to give you that whopping 72″ width . It’s hardware mounted and metal so super sturdy, and the bottom rail has a scratch guard to protect your floors.

Many fans of this gate also say it’s a great pet gate – let’s face it, if it can stand up to one owner’s 50lb dog it can stand up to any child!.

As you would expect the Summer Infant has a one-handed walk-through action and comes in a stylish bronze finish with an arched gate.

We say

A great option for climbers and determined pets – and stylish to boot!

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Best Value Wide Gate: Regalo Easy Open

Another Regalo I hear you ask? Yep, and with good reason. Regalo are industry leaders and they really seems to have nailed the formula when it comes to super wide baby gates. This one is no exception – and it’s the best value wide safety gate on our list.

Set up

The Easy Open is 31 inches tall and fits openings between 29 and 52 inches wide. It comes with two extension kits and wall cups that add extra stability and protect your walls. If you need a wider gate, you can buy additional extensions.

It’s a walk-through design with a one touch system and it also opens in either direction which is really useful. It’s made of lightweight metal and is super easy to install thanks to being pressure-mounted. If you want to take it down for a party, you can easily do that and stow it away since the frame stores flat.

When properly installed, this extra wide gate is extra sturdy because of the steel construction and wall cups. However, just because it has wall cups doesn’t mean it can be used on the stairs. Since it has a one-inch bar on the bottom of the gate when open, it’s not safe for stairways – top or bottom.

We say

A flexible gate that can be extended if you need it and the one touch system is a useful feature. Not a good choice for stairs, though.

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Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard

We’ve been talking about wide gates but this is a super wide and super long baby gate! It’s perfect for sectioning off whole rooms or extra wide halls. This gate is 31 inches tall and fits openings up to 192 inches wide! It has eight panels that can also be connected to form a play yard without a problem. And if you need to block a bigger area (how big can you need??) you can buy extra panels.

Set up

We love this product because it’s so versatile! Like we said, it can be used as a gate, a play yard, or even to block things like Christmas Trees or fireplaces. When you don’t need it, you just fold it up and tuck it away. You can use it as a pressure-mounted gate for ease, or it comes with hardware to attach it to the wall. Since it can be used with mounted wall cups, this is a good option for staircases as well.

The gate has a 16-inch-wide walk-thru gate that’s easy to open with one hand by sliding the safety lock. It has all-steel construction so you can bet it on it being durable and sturdy and since it’s PVC-free you don’t have to worry if your baby decides to cut teeth on it!

We say

This gate is really huge and is very well made so we think it’s a great option for families needing an extra wide gate that is totally flexible and will last a lifetime.

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North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate

Another gate with a bronze or linen finish, and similar in appearance to the Summer Infant, the North States Supergate adjusts to doorways 37″ to 72″ wide (over 6′) standing at a height of 30″. Not the tallest on our list but a great gate nonetheless.

This extra wide baby gate is hardware mounted so very solid and secure (which means the manufacturers recommend it for the bottom of the stairs -just beware the bottom rail which could be a trip hazard). It can be mounted straight, or angled for awkward spaces and it swings open in both directions with child-proof safety latches on both ends. It can also be left open for easy access or removed completely when it’s not needed by slipping it out of the hardware mounts.

Not not only is the gate super wide, the walk-through door is too. Great for high traffic areas where you might be hauling groceries/washing/toys around the house.

The North States gets a huge thumbs up on Amazon.com with a near perfect score.

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We hope you found our guide to the best extra wide baby gates useful. But if you still haven’t found the right gate check out our Baby Gate Buyer’s Guide.

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