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Best Pressure Mounted Baby Gates 2020


Pressure mounted baby gates fix inside door frames by adjusting four pressure pads at each corner of the gate. Not only does that make them easy to move around but it also means no unsightly holes in your woodwork. Bonus! So what do you need to know and which are the best pressure mounted baby gates for 2020?

Choosing a Pressure Mounted Baby Gate

If you’ve bought safety gates before, you know that they are not all created equal! I knew I wanted a pressure gate so I didn’t have to screw into my door frames and I wanted a white baby gate to blend in with my trim, but beyond that I was clueless! What brand name should I get? Do I need a walk-thru gate? Which material is best?

Well, we’ve put in hours of research and have come up with a list of the top six options that we’d recommend and we even give you tips on what to look for. You’re welcome!

One important note on pressure mounted gates: typically these are only going to be recommended between doorways and not at the top of stairs. We do have two gates which are an exception because they come with additional hardware, but unless they have wall cups, it is not safe to use tension gates to block stairs.

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Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

First up, we have a great pressure gate from Summer Infant that is designed for tension mounting but can also be screwed into the wall if desired. It’s 36 inches tall which is a good height for at the top of stairs and it can fit openings 28 inches to 48 inches wide.

Set up

This gate has a great walk-thru gate that can open in either direction or you can use the doorstop that’s attached to keep it from swinging one way which is a good feature for the top of stairs. The latch is easy to open with one hand and it closes and locks behind you automatically. It does seem to be a fairly narrow opening, so you may feel like you have to turn sideways to walk through if you have baby-bearing hips like I do. This gate also comes with the hardware to mount at the top of stairs, so it’s a safe option for staircases.

It’s made of metal and comes in either white or a pretty bronze option. You do have to do some assembly with this one, so be sure to butter up your husband or break out your toolbox and get it done yourself.

We say

We think this is a great looking gate that you can put anywhere in your house and it not be an eye sore. It also seems to be easy to use and safe for children since it’s super sturdy. This is a great product to use between rooms or at the top and bottom of stairs (provided wall mounts are used).

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Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

This best-selling pressure mounted baby gate is great for between rooms and at the bottom of stairs. At 31 inches tall, it’s a good height but we prefer a little taller if you’re going to be using this at the top of stairs and it also doesn’t have mounting hardware. It will fit openings 29 inches to 39 inches.

Set up

You have a walk-through door so you can easily come and go with one hand. The latch has a locking mechanism on it so you shouldn’t have to worry about your child following you unless they’re baby geniuses. This swing gate only opens in one direction, but you can choose which way when you install it. Some users have commented that this gate is narrow, so keep that in mind if you’re likely to want to carry large items through it.

We say

It’s made of white metal and once installed properly, it’s a very sturdy and durable baby gate. The key is making sure that you read the directions carefully so you get the best fit for your opening. In other words, you may have to force your husband/yourself to go against the natural instinct to toss the manual and just wing it.

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Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru – Extra Tall

This is the Regalo pressure mounted baby gate in an extra tall version making it much better for the top of stairs and great for families with tiny climbers in the household. It stands a whopping 41 inches tall and can expand up to 40 inches wide so it can handle most openings in your house.

Set up

It’s made to be pressure mounted, but the manufacturer does include wall cups for mounting which are required if you’re going to be using it at the top of stairs. The gate has a lever style handle making it easy to walk through with one hand and it has a safety lock. The opening is only 16 inches so it may be a little narrow to get through, but the design is on purpose as it makes the rest of the gate more sturdy.

We say

The gate has all-steel construction and is PVC-free so if your little one is a chewer, that won’t get sick after chomping on this product but they may chip a tooth or two. Good news is that the steel construction makes it super durable and long-lasting so it’s a good investment.

We think this is a great gate for the money and is a really good option for the top of stairs as it comes with mounting hardware and it hits higher on an adult’s body so there’s less risk of tipping over and having a bad accident. It gets great reviews on Amazon, so it seems like most people would agree with us. This gate is also available in platinum.

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Munchkin Auto-Close Metal Gate

Here is a great baby gate that literally lets you fix it and forget it with the automatic closing gate and lock. Standing at only 29.5 inches tall, it’s probably not the best option for the tops of stairs, but it’s a great choice for between doorways.

It will fit openings between 29.5 inches and 35 inches wide and is made to be pressure mounted. If you have an opening wider than 35 inches, you can purchase an extension here that will add 11 more inches.

Set up

The walk-thru gate on this bad boy is really what makes this baby gate stand out from the crowd. It’s a whopping 22.5 inches wide and is equipped with a unique gravity-fed hinge which makes the gate close automatically when the handle is released! Not only does it close automatically, it locks too! That’s two fewer things that you have to think about when toting around your baby!

We say

The gate has a robust metal frame so it’s very sturdy and durable when properly installed. Again, you have to make sure that it’s installed properly to get the best fit and to make sure that it’s as secure as it can be. Once in place, this gate can withstand the strength of a super baby tugging at it while screaming for mama all day long.

We think this is a phenomenal option for just about anywhere in the house (except stairs) and one that you’ll be happy with for many years and babies to come.

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Safety 1st Auto Close Walk Thru Gate

This gate is from one of the leading companies when it comes to safety and so you can be assured that it’s a safe product for around the house. It fits openings 29 inches to 38 inches wide and is 30 inches tall. This is specifically made for between rooms so it’s not recommended for at the top of stairs.

Set up

What we like about this gate is that it has an auto-close feature that’s supposed to be extra quiet so it won’t wake a sleeping baby! Hallelujah! And it also has a nifty SecureTech indicator that lets you know with a quick glance if the gate is completely closed and secure.

This gate is only made to be pressure mounted and therefore it doesn’t come with any mounting hardware. It does, however, have extensions that you can order separately and the walk-thru door is a nice size so you don’t have to squeeze through.

We say

Once properly installed, this is a sturdy gate and is very safe for curious children and escape artists. If you have any issues getting a proper fit when installing, Safety 1st even has a great video on their website that gives you tips and instructions on how to get it put in just right for your opening.

We think this is a great option for between doorways and especially for households with light sleepers since it has the quiet feature. However, we don’t recommend it for the top of stairs since it is on the short side and doesn’t have mounting hardware.

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Final word

Pressure-mounted baby gates are great options for households that need to secure room but don’t want to make the full commitment that screwed-in gates require. There are quite a few dependable options for tension gates so we hope that we’ve helped you narrow the field with our list! Whichever you choose, remember the importance of getting a good fit as that’s key to get the best pressure mounted baby gate for your home.

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