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Baby Proof Your Bathroom


Bath time is one of my favourite times of the day, it’s such a precious and fun time for parents and their children. But dangers lurk in every corner, from water to slippery surfaces to sharp faucets or taps. Find out how to get a baby proof bathroom and make sure bath time is accident-free.

Supervise, supervise, supervise

NEVER and I mean NEVER leave a baby or young child unattended in the bath. Not for a second. Water can be a silent killer and it’s never worth the risk – even in the shallowest of bath tubs (children can drown in as little as one inch of water). This is the single most important – and also the easiest – way to childproof the bathroom from arguably the biggest hazard.

Always test the water

Always test the temperature of the water before your baby or child gets in, either with your elbow or something more scientific (and reliable) like a water thermometer. My kids both loved playing with mine and it gave me peace of mind – win win!

Ozeri Turtlemeter Floating Turtle Toy & Thermometer

Fun, safe bath toy that doubles as a bath thermometer and instantly activates in water.

Keep all hazardous products out of harms way

Keep all hazardous cleaning products, medicines and sharp utensils such as razors well out of baby’s reach, either on a high shelf or in a locked cabinet (or both!). This goes for vitamins too – some vitamins are poisonous to children.

Invest in a rubber mat

Rubber mats with suction cups underneath are great for keeping your baby from slipping around in the bath. A fun alternative, which my boys loved, are mini suction mats that double up as a fun bath time toy for toddlers.

Always empty the bath water

Babies can drown in less than an inch of water and while it’s unlikely that your child will topple back into the bath, it can happen. As soon as you lift your baby out of the bath try to get into the habit of emptying it at the same time. Every last drop.

Cover faucets

How many times has your baby hit her head on the faucet? Too many to mention I’ll bet! There are some super cute covers around that fix onto the faucet to cushion bumps and scrapes that are well worth the investment.

Skip Hop Universal Soft Rubber Bath Spout Cover

No baby proof bathroom is complete without this fun spout cover! It sits on the faucet to protect baby’s head and is easy to fit. The blowhole allows for easy access to the shower diverter.

Water & electricity don’t mix

Water and electricity are a lethal combination -keep electrical items out of the bathroom and never, ever leave anything plugged in. If you have sockets near your sink or bathtub you can install a device called a ground-fault circuit interrupter which shuts off an electric power circuit when it detects that the current is flowing along an unintended path, such as through water or a person.

Secure the toilet

The toilet poses a few risks, some devastating others just annoying. Locking the toilet seat can protect your baby’s fingers from becoming trapped, or worse from toppling in head first. For me it was having to fish toys out of there. A simple latch that secures the lid to the basin will do the trick. There are latches made specifically for toilets or some cabinet latches will also work here.

Protect baby’s eyes

One easy way to protect baby’s eyes from shampoo is to use a bath visor. They’re super cheap (if you choose carefully) and however much shampoos claim to be ‘tear-free’ soapy eyes are never pleasant.

Bath visor

Fits children aged between 0-6 and is super soft.

We hope you found our tips on how to baby proof your bathroom post useful. Check out our other baby proofing guides for the kitchen, bedroom and fireplace.


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